Monday, February 02, 2009

Be the manifestation of what you talk about

The mental physical connection is talked about all of the time yet often it falls into some campy type of new agey (translation...we took your ancient traditions, claimed them, and now we're going to sell them back to you) dissertation.

Everything is real though.

That is why my greatest proof for a plantcentric diet has been my physical body. For me I didn't read veganism 101. I just removed dairy from my diet and the immediate benefits of that experiment showed me that I wasn't living at the optimum level that my body could pump out. As I rocked different things I was actually in a state of becoming where I realized that there is an opposite to 'being sick' and that is being at an optimum level which is way above average. And for many that can't comprehend because they think that their 'average' is their body's optimum. Constantly physically feeling good, constantly having people take at least 7 years off of my age when they guess it, beign able to compete with the best out there..yes..this Ra food right(eous) food is muy bien.

It's a journey though. It is definitely healing on another level.

Yet understand that it is a journey. For many they are healing wounds and scars they may not have even noticed. You will find yourself in the valley of the shadow of death where 'artificial' is safe and familiar and 'natural' is scarey and 'dangerous'. You will comfront that part of yourself that you many not want to deal with.

That is why I found the blog of the Earth Serenity to be needed. It is about working to balance where you want to go with where you are.


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