Friday, January 30, 2009

Nomadic paths

Zufar Now Allah ain't ever coming to Parliament in New Heaven. If you in the club you will see him. If you on the block you will see him. When you see him he'll have math coming out of his pores. He looks like that typical brother on television who just got out of the pen. And if you ain't acting right he can scare you into being civilized. The God is big and I swear if he hits you he will embed the 1-10 right into your forehead.

Black Seven is another God who you ain't ever going to see at Parliament in New Heaven. And when you see him on the street he will be moving at the speed of light. You'll catch him at the Universal Parliament in Mecca yet even there he seems to be always on the move.

In the Heartland (Hartford) some of the mightiest Builders of the past and present ain't ever coming around when we have Rallies or Parliaments yet they may come through on some other social affair that we have; Ramedi, Shamiek, Dominant Black Seed, etc.

Yet all of these Gods share one thing in common.

They never downed the importance and relevance of our parliaments.

Black Seven will always send his fruit to our Parliaments. Also if we need money for any collective endeavor he will dig deep in his pockets. Zufar IS the muscle. Whenever there is a hint that there is danger going down against the Gods and Earths...let me just say its handled.

Been in the homes of the Gods in the Heartland and walked some dark streets with them yet when it came time for the Gods and Earths and babies to come together int he park or homes they were never there yet that was okay. We handled our own paths without slamming each other's path. Plus, the greatest Equality of the whole situation is that we always found common ground on which to converge.

Understanding Cipher all being Born to Understanding is to value those around you because you have figured out how they fit into everything. You can catch glimpses of them even though they are on the periphery. Just because we speak the same language doesn't mean that we will necessarily value the same things or talk about the same things. Yet what it does mean is that we share the capability to see the same thing.

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