Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Zulu War Chant - Afrikaa Bambataa

So the Universal Zulu Nation came up into New Heaven in the mid 80's. Alot of the early Zulu Kings had studied 120. They basically traded their 'godhood' for some 'kingship'. I was one of those who didn't fall for the okeedoke. Now I am as Hip Hop as they come (man..check my resume and just do a search of this blog) yet once you told me that the Blackman was God why would I trade that for anything else? And, if only to prove my point, the UZN is all about Yorkism (yeah I said it) nowadays where as before at least they were 'trying' to be 'universal'. And no, I don't have to go into where they got their 'swagger' from ('infinity lessons' know the real). In the end I realized that I didn't have to leave the Gods and Earths to be accepted in the Hip Hop community. Some never learned that lesson.

Once they left the Nation (of Gods and Earths) we made (yes I said made) them make it clear that they were not with us. The reason was because we found out that they really wanted to use the Universal Zulu Nation to shield their wicked ways.

It was only in later years that I saw what really went down. Many just couldn't take the weight of presenting their self as God. They were God when the Gods were around yet Joe Smoe when they were by their self. They never got past 2:36 in terms of Understanding.

It was all peace because after Zulu disintegrated in New Heaven some of those who never were apart of the Nation of Gods and Earths came from Zulu to us. They recognized the true and living....cause we use to crash Zulu jams wearing Universal Flags and Crowns bouncing to the beat.


Brother OMi said...

I have to agree with the York part. in the early 90s, UZN was infected with that stuff.

I will point out that only the folks in the tri state area (NY, NJ, and Conneticut) were rolling like that. All the other chapters whether in DC, Chi town, VA, and FLA and the chapters in Europe and Asia, did not study York. Alot of us refused to study his scrolls because we were aware of York's wickedness.

Now, I really can't agree with the idea that folks left the NGE to join the UZN to hide their "wickedness." I know quite a few members of the UZN, NGE, or York who are not right and exact.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

You know what I should've pointed out that it was the New Haven chapter specifically that I was referring to in terms of wickedness and the eventual hajj of many of its members to the Nation of Gods and Earths. We'll Build on it sometimes yet it was definitely crazy. I agree that there are those who ain't right and exact in all of the Ciphers that you mentioned. In the history of New Heaven though collectively what was done in the name of Zulu..all I will say is damn. Yet you know I was still at practically every Zulu Anniversary Celebration in New York..ha.

I never thought about that infection of York stuff being confined to the Tri-State. It makes sense though.

Brother OMi said...

I build with other chapters and they say the same thing.

I even find that with the NGE. when I travel to other parts of the country, the gods and earths show me love. but in NYC, it's like i am in the gaza strip or something

it sux.

but that york stuff GOTS to go