Friday, January 09, 2009

Round the corner

Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack
When people come and visit me in New Heaven I often take them to various historical spots because I absorb data like that. In 6th grade in the New Heaven school system you learn the history of Connecticut. I can rattle off some important events, some people, and tell you what is really under that slab of concrete that you are standing on. I don't live in the past yet I like to be connected to the past because it reinforces that triple threat trinity of the past, present and future.

When I travel to the school in Mecca I usually park on 126th street behind the Apollo. For those who know it is better than trying to park in front of Harriet Tubman and getting boxed in. When you start to walk down the block you see the school with a painting of the Universal Flag emblazoned on the side of the school. Internally when I started coming that just made my internal soundtrack to play. It was like..its on now.

That's that corner.

When I round that corner I know that peace is going to be shouted out and that I start my social equality amongst Gods and Earths, old and young. Even if many can't even remember my name they knowledge that's that "God from Connecticut."

I know that it has always been significant for my son because when he saw that Universal Flag he knew that we had arrived (followed by us rushing in the back for him to use the bathroom).

I never really used it as a 'school' (except the first time that I visited and got 'schooled' by first born Prince). It's always been like that courtyard that you use to hang out in before school. It got you ready for school. For me most of my most intense Building happened around the next corner at Harriet Tubman.

Yet, nonetheless, all stories have a beginning, and the school becomes a reference point for me for alot of those stories.

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