Friday, January 02, 2009

Why'd you have to smack me

Streets of San Francisco (tommybox Edit) - Henry Mancini

Barkim is my educator's (God Darmel) educator. While I would often get degrees 'light and fluffy' (well..not really) from God Darmel, Barkim would come through and just wreck my whole world. God Darmel had settled down, had his two Earths, his children, set job and home. He was the paragon of stability. To a degree it was an environment that I was familar with, the whole stable home parent thing. Barkim though was the polar opposite. He wasn't just in the streets, he was the streets. He often told me stories about how him and God Darmel use to run out there throughout the early 80's. God Darmel gave me the formulas and Barkim always put me in the thick of things to work out experiments. And with him it was always about walking the land and being in the streets.

"How you going to teach the people that need the message if you ain't where they at."

Barkim had hand skills. Specifically he was swift with 52 Hand Blocks. When he he found out I had some skill he ran me through the mill. See, some of the real masters took their craft to another level because they had been incarcerated upstate in NYC. In that environment back then you had to get your game up. Man I ain't never been upstate. He had moves I ain't never seen before.

He would often take me to the Heart of Medina on some damn block and we would spar. Now that ain't no thing. Yet one of the things that he did with his 52 was smack you. I mean, come on God, why'd you have to smack me. It was how he set a person up to catch them with an elbow or punch. My thing was trapping, getting a person all tied up so that their hands and forearms were locked up. And when I would complain about getting smacked he would simply say "Then don't get smacked."

I entered into sparring contests without being forced. It was that same lesson that I would later apply to living mathematics. I often run into people who conveniently want to 'put aside' Supreme Mathematics during various discussions. That's the mighty "who are you" crew. Once you say your are God or Earth just live up to that. Don't go on ducking builds. Admit when you can't show and prove, go back to the drawing board, respect the fact that some people just may know more about a subject then you, sharpen your sword. And finally, shut your mouth if you don't know what you're talking about.

And in the end, this God didn't get smacked anymore.

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