Saturday, November 01, 2008

Who are you to...

“Who are you to say such and such.....”

This is math, nothing personal. It is expected for a person who doesn't have knowledge of self to say the above yet when one is coming in the name or God or Earth and they say that it should be addressed. Why?

Because it is a math neutralization tool.

Who am I?

1:10 tells you who I am. In 1:36 I break down what my name means in plain English. 1:14 let's you know that it takes effort to change any situation (PUT the devil out on the worse part). 1:40 lets you know that I plan and take time to do the above.

It's funny cause many times when you say you have a 'view' people don't seek to take you through math to see if the view is right and exact. They actually try to chastise you for having a view (while at the same time spouting their views yet not wanting them to ever come under mathematical scrutiny).

So if I see something that isn't right and exact I shouldn't say anything?

Riiiggggghhhht. Somebody opened their mouth when Yacub's crew was running amouck in Mecca.

I Understand that sometimes things aren't placed in the context to be addressed and that's peace yet when something is either placed in a public forum, brought up in conversation, etc you best believe we going to take it through the math. Why?

Illustrate and validate. Show and Prove. It's what the Gods and Earths do.

Which, by the way, is diferent then debating or presenting opinions.

Most people who use the 'who are you to talk about such and such' phrase I observed are often the primary ones who ARE talking about such 'person, places or things'.

In the end its math, nothing personal so stop trying to make it personal.

Who am I to talk about such things? Who am I to have the audacity to present standards? Who am I to present myself as an author(ity) on things? C'BS Alife Allah. If you don't know you better ask somebody (then review your degrees to find me in them). Don't let people 'abstractly' try to remove you from being God or Earth require them to show and prove through mathematics.

Disclaimer: This is not in reference to any one particular person or thing (ain't that wack that I even have to put this up). Or kcuf it, it may be so what? We take things through math. Don't be the dog that barks because they got hit with the stone.

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