Thursday, October 30, 2008

So my grandfather made moonshine

Yes, you heard it right. Down in Kentucky. It's funny cause my father, who is a minister, still can rattle off the recipes and blueprints to draw up the machines and stuff. He drops stories on me how my grandfather use to bury b ottles of it in various places in the forest and you had to remember the combination of trees to know where it was at.

This leads me to my own quirk. I hate drinking out of plastic. And I always saw a big contradiction with health heads drinking that 'spring water' out of plastic bottles (I just resolved that with myself..ain't doing that anymore). In addition to my fresh crafted bowl I have a few mason jars that I drink out of. Cause I love glass. The mason jars also reminds me of my family history from moonshine to my Old Earth making preserves before the winter time. I like that sh*t. Yeah I took the flicks.


ChelB said...

I love drinking out of glass too! :) I also love eating on plain clear glass dishes as well. My second favorite is ceramic. At home we actually have a 5 gallon glass water bottle that we keep our filtered drinking water in because plastic really scares me.

inspired.sis said...


i want to switch to using glass containers also. could you suggest some spots that have gallon sized glass containers? i see chelb has found a way to do this so i thought i'd ask.

also, when you're on the go what do you use? do you still use the mason jars? it just seems like the mouths would be too wide. just some questions.

many thanks!

ChelB said...

Hello inspired sis! :)

Here's a link to the company where we purchased our 5-gallon glass water bottle from.

When I'm on the go I carry with 2 of the Ball Regular Mason (pint-sized) canning jars. I paid $7.00 for 12 of the jars from Target. Each jar holds about 32 oz of water if you fill it all the way to the top. They are great because you can put either hot or cold liquid in them. Another option would possibly be a stainless steel thermos. They aren't as cheap as the glass jars though.

inspired.sis said...

many thanks chelb!

i appreciate the info.


C'BS ALife Allah said...

word..i got to look into that (traveling mason jars). For now I rock the sigg thermos. I love the ceramic also. Beyond the chemical waste issues with plastic I just hate that its porous and you can never get that sh*t really clean. And frankly I like the touch of glass on the skin of my hand.