Thursday, January 22, 2009


Salsa Mix de HecTor LaVoe - La Progresiva del Callao
In the Heartland (Hartford, CT) there use to be a housing development section called charter oak (which has now been demolished). It was the 'Latin ghetto'. During the mid 90's you didn't go up in there unless you were of 'so called' 'latin descent'. It was the era where the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation was at their zenith. Those who knowledge the history realize that the tone between the Gods and the Kings was not peace during that time.

I was familiar with Charter Oak because the youth service job that I worked at in New Heaven had a branch out there so I was in touch with alot of the counselors and such. Also, I knowledged the Nation in the Heartland. Some of the Gods and Earths had come straight from Charter Oak.

On this particular day we were all going up in Charter Oak (meaning the Gods and Earths from New Heaven). Truth be told we hung out all of the time. I had to handle some business up there and then we were going to search for some of our family out in the Heartland. It was me and basically my fruit at the time; Divine Nature, India She Rains, Just Self, Victorious I Justice and Beautiful Isla. We were all decked out in the universal flag, crowns, etc. Now one of the 'beefs' that the ALKQN had with us at the time was the use of the color gold and black (go who was rocking them first). So we're walking through the barrio gold and blacked down and yeah...we run into the largest contingent of the ALKQN that I had ever seen. You could tell as soon as their eyes met ours that it was going to be on. Yet out of the blue some of the children in the barrio run up to me calling my name. They were children from the program that I worked with and knew me from those travels. They started going on a mile a minute in spanglish about the things they had last done since I saw them. Then Just Self who speaks spanish started playing with them. Then Victorious, who is Dominican, started speaking with them. Then Beautiful Islam, who is Puerto Rican, started speaking with them. Then we were all so absorbed in playing and conversing with the babies that we forgot about the ALKQN who by that time had stopped grilling us.

Situations like that gave us our mantra..."Oh you GONNA Love the Gods and Earths." We practice that wherever we go.


Brother OMi said...

dope story

real dope
and it goes to show that not all branches of different groups and organizations beef.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

true indeed