Thursday, January 22, 2009


One of the first things that I got rid of was cheese. That's because I saw the immediate benefits. I had less respitory issues (like colds and the flu) and my asthma basically just evaporated. Now I won't was addictive. Yet as I grew in terms of my skills at food preparation I realized that all it did was cover bland food.

See, Europe didn't utilize alot of spices in their foods cause they weren't aware of what was around them. That's why they did spice trading with the East on the Silk Road and raided portions of Africa for salt. So the only thing that they really had to 'flavor' the food was cheese (which is countries whose population is lactose intollerant isn't a staple..meaning warmer climates where milk spoils). Think about all of the foods that you eat that have cheese on take that cheese away..ain't that fresh is it. When you really learn how to spice and season food you will see that cheese ain't really needed like that. Also I bet you that all of those stomach aches will be going the way of the dinosaur.

As a historical note the enzymes to transform milk to cheese are found in the stomach/intestines. So it was probably discovered by somebody (some nasty ass) opening up a dead beast's stomach and eating what was left in the stomach.

So with the above being said I leave you with this just in on the pike....

Cheese is nastier than thought.


Maggot cheese.

We don't make this stuff up folks. We just report.


Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

I always wonder about how foods were discovered like yogurt and fermented things like injera, sauerkraut and garri. Like, what were folks doing when they stmbled upon these foods?

I stopped eating cheese (all animal products) for years and unlike you, my allergies didn't go away and I didn't notice a lessening of respiratory issues, unfortunately. I am hoping to transition to at least 50% raw at some point as I think this might actually be the key to healing my specific issues. Anyway, these days we have access to a large enough variety of food which makes avoiding cheese entirely or significantly reducing our consumption of it possible. If not for the sake of our health, for the sake of cows who are cruelly kept constantly pregnant and lactating.

I can't say I agree that cheese covers up bland food all the time because I've had foods that should have cheese like pizza (that I make at home) that didn't have any cheese on it ( just sauce and roasted veggies) and honestly, it was good--I didn't miss the cheese. Folks look at me all incredulous like pizza without cheese? Yup. Cheese, to me, often just stinks to high heaven. :) Glad I found your blog, btw.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Another thing is to check your amount of mucus forming foods (like grains and pastas). In addition to getting rid of cheese and 'dairy' I lessened those. Also I rock the neti pot on the daily which is a must.

I love a good pizza with like sweet peppers and mushrooms. I won't disagree with you on that.

And I am glad that you found your way here.