Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Born Truth Allah

Super Bad - James Brown
"I roll with killers, drug dealers,...."


I roll with Builders, Makers and Shakers, the poor and disenfranchised, drug addicts, single mother, homeless people on the streets.

Born Truth Allah is my alike up in the Heartland (Hartford, CT) and he's a Builder. He got caught up in the street life, did his time, yet he came back out with good credit. He put it to good use by investing in property and building Tru Books.

I got introduced to Born Truth through my alike Lord Sincere. I ain't going to lie, the God can physically intimidate you if you let him yet I noticed that he never used that 'weapon'. He is definitely a swift orator.

Went up to his store this weekend. It is the pulse of the city. It reiterates the fact that the Gods and Earths are supposed t be the piece of steel with magnetic in it. We don't copy others. They copy us. If I want to know what is going down in any city I should be able to ask the Gods and Earths.

Tru books is an ill spot because it is bookstore/cafe. While I was handling my own business there the God made like seven non book transactions from setting up the 8th Annual Save the Babies affair, to Building with a young brother how to get his hustle on via buying a snowblower and the return, securing his spot for a city funded poetry series, and adding on with me about how to integrate his publishing company into the Asiatic Book Association collective.

Born's humor is hilarious. He treats 120 like an inside joke sometimes. We'll be talking about something with some other people in the store and he'll just turn to me and say something like ", hard to lead in the right direction." The humor is part of the magnetic. His bookstore is unique in that I have seen all types of people in there from a Puerto Rican sister in HS to an elderly man. They all find some type of common ground in the bookstore. And don't get it twisted, his bookstore is one of the few Black owned bookstores still in existence. He is doing something right.

It reminds me again though that my own '23 scientists' are some of the illest Gods and Earths that you can't mess with.


Eternal said...

...aaaaa peace to Tru!

Brother OMi said...

thats the kind of store i want to open