Monday, March 21, 2005

Save the Babies


On February 15th and 16th another great event took place in C-Truth. The God Born Truth Allah, the owner of Tru Books in the Heartland (Hartford, CT), ran his 4rd annual No More Teen Violence for two days. The first day was at the Club Pyramid Banquet Hall in the Heartland (Hartford) and the second day was at Weaver High in the Heartland. The two-day event included a poetry slam, a teen play, dance and song competitions. It was sponsored by several organizations including the Mayor of the Heartland (who was in attendance) and the Nation of Gods and Earths. It was hosted by Hot 93.7 and included DJs from 104.1 FM. There were over 600+ children in attendance each day. The G.O.D. (God Organized Defense) of Region 2 performed the security for the event and included Gods from Mecca-Mass (Springfield), the Heartland , and New Heaven (New Haven). I’d like to formally thank the Gods from Mecca-Mass for coming down and assisting us with this endeavor.

I'd also like to acknowledge my righteous brother, the God Scientific Born Allah from the Heartland, whom has enrolled in a trade involving carpet instalation. Also I'd like to acknowledge my Earth, Shahada Vindia whom is at the top of her surgical tech class with a 3.8 average.


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