Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Yes I voted today. No I don't advocate that it does anything on the macro level (president) due to electoral colleges (read "Breaking it down" pt I, pt II, and pt III by my man Dan Tres).

I do it really cause I see the Power on the local level in terms of putting who you need in office on the local level. Overall I roll with the Green Party and even Libertarian on some levels. In New Heaven we've had Green Party people get offices and further up north in the northeast we've had libertarian people get into office so this stuff ain't no pipe dream. And not for nothing, I've seen people who don't come from the 'big two parties' hold them self more accountable to the people who put them in office so I can roll with that.

Took my Old Dad to vote for a Blackman. I know for him it was amazing. I mean, he grew up in that pre civil rights era where he saw Blackmen hanging from trees (real talk) and now he see banners hanging up for a Blackman for president. Though I don't think that Barack is a Savior I also knowledge the importance of empowering a symbol. And at the end of the day..damn..that man loves his wife.

Also I vote Green. Those who know the difference between the popular vote and electoral vote (READ those links above) realize that 'you' don't vote for the president anyway yet my vote for the Green Party was for the 5% required. If you don't know what I mean get educated. Yeah. I'm putting it on you. What are you going to do on November the 5th

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