Monday, November 03, 2008


I did a talk at a youth center yesterday afternoon. Children are thirsty that's all I can say. This young woman walked up to me and said peace and it took me a moment to recognize her cause the last time I saw her she was like 10 years old. She then started dropping on me the influence that I had on her through a youth program I had worked at back in the day. She could still drop off things that I taught that were now part of her daily living. Times like this humble me.

It was a great time in my personal history when I realized my ability to communicate effectively with children. It coincided with me coming into the Knowledge of myself. That sight beyond sight that I got was that insight into attributes of my nature. When I saw how a blackman needs to reveal himself I was solid as a rock. No lie, the God pass was in full effect. Knowing every square inch of the planet Earth meant that nothing could stop me from moving in and out of neighborhoods at a time (crack)Rock Era that if you weren't from a particular hood you could face physical death. The Gods who I ran with at that time were my own first borns: Divine Nature and Just Self. We got passes even in neighborhoods where they 'supposedly' didn't like the Gods ie places where the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation were holding fort. It was a beautiful time because we were able to show and prove how Allah is Lord of all of the worlds. In the end I traveled the (2 million) Indian Ocean also.

Who was the founder...

I mean, I knowledge the importance of Yacub and his crew yet at the very LEAST we should be able to rock what he did. I review what I am the founder of, reversing polarities, how I want my home life in Mecca, etc.

All eye seeing...all I sea. All I see are ways for me to use the oceans to get from one point to another.

Insight, inside.

I observe the rhetoric that traverses the hood, the net, the blogsphere and laugh sometimes. Knowledge is the foundation and will lead you to Understanding. You need KNOWLEDGE in order to classify/clarify something/someone. I am amazed what people 'think' they know about me vs what they 'really' know about me. Those that know me laugh also. For instance here is a true or false quiz.

*I've been to jail.
*I ran my own youth program.
*I have children
*I've been shot at and have shrapnel in me.
*I moved weight
*I've been homeless
*I'm a college graduate
*I've dated strippers
*I had a record deal
*I drink
*I drug
*My car is green
*I worked in clothing
*I worked in a garage
*I've worked in more than 15 states
*I have 6 sisters
*I have 3 brothers
*I have been in shoot outs
*I have seen people shot and die
*I have a god son and god daughter
*I got 120 on the net
*I got 120 in Mecca
*I got 120 in Medina
*I got 120 in New Heaven
*I'm ascetic
*I'm tantric
*I'm lewd
*I've lived on a farm
*I love pets

I could go on and on. What I am getting at is only those who Knowledge me can get anywhere inside (insight) me.

And half the times that is why the babies Understand me because they KNOW me. They don't seek to Understand because Understanding comes in time.


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