Monday, November 03, 2008

Day of the Dead..Park of the Living

So yesterday was Los Dia de los Muertos. My alike Sha-King has an interesting 5% perspective over at his blog on the day. I got my eat on a little bit yesterday with the ill raw skull cookies that my Mexica co-worker rocked out.

When I was driving the other day while at my refugee job I noticed the huge amounts of land set aside for cemeteries. I mean..huge amounts of land. It got me thinking that there aren't even parks in hood. Yet we have these acres of land set aside for dead folk.

In terms of Los Dia de los Muertos what to me is fresh is that those who celebrate it reclaim the cemetery as a public gathering place. I mean, having gatherings, food, celebration in the cemetery. It is now a FUNCTIONAL piece of land.

It started me thinking about the impact that burial has on the environment and the pumping of chemicals (embalming fluid), non decomposing caskets, etc into the Earth. So my mental went toward looking into Natural Burial. Basically there are ways to be environmentally sound when burying and have a functional landscape. Also for the entrepreneurs out is a growing GREEN business so you can get in on the ground floor. Check out some of these links

The Green Burial Council

Earth Artist

Memorial Ecosystems

And yes..I still have some more urbangogreen footage to show you so stay tuned.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Creepy yet informative.

C'BS ALife Allah said... eating how we return physically is DEEPLY culturally ingrained.

cy said...

Belated Feliz Dia de los Muertos and thanks for the post. Also wanted to let u know I shouted out your site on my blog. Lastly, I'm trying to spread the word about a string of racist violent incidents that have been occurring in the Dominican Republic. Please check out a brief article at:

and spread the word. Peace, health and radiance I wish u always.



C'BS ALife Allah said...

Back at ya. Thanks for the shout out. Got some fertile ideas that are going to take about 6 months to germinate yet I will keep you in the know. I'll definitely check that out. i was just watching something dealing with racism in DR on youtube the other day, I think it was via Al-Jazerra news.