Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DIY: Sinking fixin'

DIY time. Part of Black to Nature is dealing with being as self sufficient as possible so that you keep growing and developing (and don't end up in debt to the same people that put you in slavery, rocked genocide, imported colonialism, etc..ya get what i mean).

My father is a jack of all trades and that's how he use to bring in the bread. He passed down those skills to me and I can rock pretty much everything from carpentry, to laying concrete, sheetwall, to plumbing.

(I steer clear of electrical work...blame it on schoolhouse rock)

Anyway, I just wanted to make knowledge born that the God can get down.

Taking apart sinks and even adding my own green science in it. Want to get rid of some of that rust and algae build up inthe nuts, bolts, and pipe Soak some of those pieces in a bath of baking soda and vineger. You don't need no chemicals (or even scrubbing).

So, I just peeked in and dropped that seed. Got to get back to work.

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