Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blogs from Nation writers

Some other Nation writer blogs (not necessarialy nation-centric) to check out

Sunez Allah (one of the first Gods in the Nation whom I became aware was involved in the occupation of writing) over at Lavoe Revolt

Allah Education over at Supreme Team

Sincere Justice over at The Purple Yamster

His vision for the blog

To document the journey of being vegetarian/raw food as well as share experiences of nostalgia as well as the brand new

Utilize blog to generate articles related to that of Original People in particular in the Chinese Diaspora as well as Original People worldwide (e.g. Chinese psychology, Chinese presence in Mexico, etc.)

Showcase interviews of extraordinary and innovative cultural workers

Give shine to the interesting and intriguing in the every day life of Purple Yamsters local and worldwide – say word!

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Lavoe Revolt said...

Peace C'BS ALife Allah,

Truly an honor for the mention with recognition. Your body of work is impressive and draws my great admiration. I love your Black To Nature blog. As one whom also deals with only a living foods diet, I'd love to share some ideas including the health protocol sheet I use in my classroom. email me,, as I'd love to send you a copy.

Sunez Allah