Monday, May 05, 2008

Rock the Mic right!

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF THOSE WHO CAME OUT TO THE GREEN GHETTO JOINT AND SUPPORTED! I was humbled to say the least. For those who don't know the Green Ghetto joint grew out of a sort of May Day after party that goes down in CT. This year we decided to run with it our way. We donate the $1.00/head funds toward hood gardens. We raised some gold y'all!

Now for those that weren't there...sorry. We tore sh#t up (and put it back cause we be dealing with composting like that). Now I've done poetry tours before yet singing with the Afrobeat Collective I felt like a rockstar. We started at sundown with me mixing in a siren from Fairfield and J on his sax wailing. Now the science is that that siren sound I sampled has been going off for years in Fairfield and everyone forgot that it's because it was a Sundown Town ie..where you darkies have to get out before sundown..thanks for working for us. They STILL have the siren though. Then we RIPPED into our cut "Black God, Black Earth" (and the crowd went wild!). Then we mixed in Asun Unique's (Peace to the God) Shimmy Shimmy Y'all. The part where he is saying..oh baby I like it raw. And I built with the crowd a minute while I urged them to go check out the exotic fruit taste table and come back and hold your fruit in the air....RIDICULOUS!!!!! And the house came DOWN when we did a cover of Fela Suffering and Smiling. Maaaaannnnnn. Green Gangsta rockstar..rflmao.

Other random joint. I work as a cook in a vegetarian cafe and a chef in a vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant of course is a little more 'upscale' (I get to listen to classical Indian music...FRESH..and the owners are actually Indian..what a concept). Anyway...I got to make a dish with buzz buttons the other day. Try one if you come across them...interesting.

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