Friday, November 30, 2007

Speak the language

What language are you speaking to the people?

It is important not to speak over some one's head when communicate the concepts of God and Earth. You speak to them. You don't speak to people in contempt. You also don't allow people to speak to you in contempt.

The key to language is to be able to speak to ALL people. Many times we'll chastise a person because they don't sound 'hood' enough yet many only speak the 'hood' dialect and can't interact with any other group on the planet because they don't speak the language.

If you don't know the language you learn the language. If you are entering into the law arena you learn the language of law. If you are entering the economic arena you learn the language of economics.

"The trader disappeared and there was no one left to speak the language"

If you have Understanding of the Cipher then you learn the language and teach others to speak the language. One can't keep shifting the responsibility elsewhere. Who's God?


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