Thursday, August 23, 2007

Writer Write

You have to keep writing.

It seems the most simple element yet it is the one that people ignore all of the time. Writers write. Runners don't get better by sitting around. Musicians don't get better by staying in bed all day. That 'i'm not inspired' is some porkshit that needs to be dismissed. You don't write always to turn out masterpieces. You write to become better at your craft. Even if you are inspired if you haven't perfected your skill then it isn't going to come out or it will come out as crap or you'll just be damn constipated.

*You will become better at grammar

*You will start to produce a volume of work to select from

*You will start to see things clearer

*You will be productive

*You will REALLY be a writer.

Don't set out to always write a whole poem, essay, book, short story, etc. Sometimes you just need to skroodle (skribble+doodle). That tightens up those writer muscles and every so often a beautiful piece emerges.

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