Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Thoughts


Some Random thoughts:

*6 Degrees of separation is some real stuff. The science is that there is at most only six people between you and anybody in the world. I have been using that science in terms of making power moves. Anything that I need in terms of assistance there is someone who I know who knows someone who can add on with me.

*When the mind accepts the body adapts (so up your usuage of positive vs negative thinking through what you telling yourself all of the time)

*I don't know where you live yet out here in New Heaven immigrant rights are bringing out a whole lot of racists...oh I'm sorry...patriots

*I don't know about your hood yet there are more poor white people living in the ghetto than when I was a chilld

*You ain't going overseas if you ain't got your childcare right. Thank post 9-11 Homeland Security for the new passport laws yet you know the science...handle your business.

*For all of those who are convinced that the suburbs are always 'safer' than the city review your old slasher movies. Jason, Freddy, etc didn't come to the hood. Plus I don't know about where you're at yet in the suburbs around New Heaven whole families are loosing their lives due to home invasions.

*Please show me an old ass stripper or an old ass drug dealer. They don't exist yet I can show you an old ass prostitute and an old ass drug addict. Make those whise choices now.


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Sha-King Allah said...

Peace to the God!
Great post....
A couple things...the sceince of the 6 degrees of seperation....right and exact....I like to see it as the sceince of the useful land used EVERYDAY by the total population....we are our own greatest resource...human beings...I was thinkin' one day how I would love to meet Hugo Chavez.....but how?There are a lot of people who would....I posted an article about actor Danny Glover doing a film, which is going to be funded by the Venezuelan Government...Danny hangs with Hugo....Danny also is a jazz musician and spokeword poet and close friend of my ol Earth's boyfriend....who owns a jazz club here in Power Born, which Danny frequently performs at when he comes into town to see my ol Earth's boyfriends......I'm three people away from Hugo Chavez... I seen an old brazilian stripper before....didn't know she was that old....couldn't tell......believe me...couldn't tell.....HA!

You're right in a million.....

Patriots=racists.....and it shows....I experience it everyday at my job....for instance...I'm sittin here with a shirt that reads..."I'm Not Hispanic. I'm Not Latino. I'm Indigenous....." you should see there faces.....especially when I rock my Hugo t-shirt....HA!