Monday, July 09, 2007

Teaching the original 'non-african-american'

In the vein of teaching those of us whom have taught those outside of 'african-american' ethnicity realize that there are unique challenges. 120 degrees was brought to us in the wilderness of North America yet the idea of the Black man as God and the Black woman as Earth is applicable to all ethnicities. When educating outside of the 'african-american' ethnicity one should be prepared to assist in enabling them to see theirselves in 120 degrees.

Most of this is from my own experience teaching Gods and Earths of Pakistani, Indian (via Trinidad), Venzuelian, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Iranian, Azanian, ethnicities.

One time I asked a God from England how he saw John Hawkins in the 1-36. He basically told me everything in reference to North America. I was about his slave trade into England. What about the slave trade in England. The God knew nothing. From that point I started looking at the degrees differently.

For instance, yes I knowledge that the 'Problem Book' (Officially Teachings for the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in a Mathematical Way) is not a part of our curriculum 'officially' (though the solar facts were extracted from it) yet do the Knowledge to question 6.

6. The second uncle of Mr. W.D. Fard, in the wilderness of North America, lived other than himself and, therefore, his blood pressure registered over thirty-two. He had fever, headaches, chills, grippe, hay fever, regular fever, rheumatism; also pain in all joints. He was disturbed with foot ailments and toothaches. His pulse beat more that eighty-eight times per minute, therefore, he goes tot he doctor every day and gets medicine for every day in the year - one after each meal and three times a day. Also, one at bed time.

It speaks on the SECOND uncle of MFD. The second uncle were those originals who were in the 'best part' like Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan,Turkey, etc. Thus when I bring someone through the 1-36 from that part of the planet YES they need to learn the history in there yet they also need plain English to see THEIR foundation. For 'african-americans' it is about slavery. For them I have them explore COLONIZATION. On that part of the planet I have them explore THEIR traders.

If you are teaching someone from countries in 'africa' you are going to have to really explain 'jungle' way of life (in that the pre-colonized way of life STILL may not be right and exact ie strayed away from the root). The dietary law is going to have to be examined. They might not have hog though they may be eating another type of scavenger.

When you get to 7:14 have them examine if the name of their ethnic group is their own or given by the colored man. For instance 'Why does the devil call our people Puerto Rican'. Then they will be inspired to examine the history all the way back to Boriken.

These are just some of the issues that we have facing us as we expand. At the foundation we had Gods and Earths of 'african-american' and 'puerto-rican' lineage yet in this day and time we have Mexican, Phillipino, Korean, etc. As we expand we need to be prepared to address all of the human families.



I Medina Peaceful Earth said...

Peace God! Great blog. Very useful information and perspective. I build that all is well with you and your universe.

I Medina

I Medina Peaceful Earth said...

Peace God. Great post. Informative and good perspective. I build all is well in your universe.

I Medina