Friday, July 06, 2007

Taking Jerusalem back

An important part of self determination is basically being in control of one's environment; whether it is economically or through community control. It is important that original people continue to mine that wealth within their own ethnic groups and bond with other original ethnic groups so that the full legacy of slavery and colonialism can be broken.

One thing that is important is that we stay vigilant. The worldwide structure of white supremacy serves a particular set of people. That system is not a non-issue until it has disolved completely. If we don't stay aware and doing the Knowledge we will be walking backwards instead of moving forwards. Already alot of the 'rights' that were gained as a result of the civil rights era have been lost. Since many are ignorant they don't even Knowledge what they have lost.

Do the Knowledge to these two articles and take the best part.

Few Black hair care products are owned by Blacks

Aboriginal People of Australia loose the right to govern self on their own land


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