Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Meaning of Life: Pt II

This is another view on that life stuff from my alike Critique Allah

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I was born out of hate and I live in love- Critique Allah
It takes a baby 9 months to be born. The birth is so painful, (coming out of water into air), that its as if the memory of this pain is erased. The mother who gives birth remembers the pain. She also remembers the process going from knowledge to born- 9 long months. The process which was worth it, because LIFE was produced. The birth process is called LABOR.
When one is truly ready to get in shape or lose weight, the best way to do it is to EMBRACE THE PAIN, that's eat right and WORK OUT! You have to fight the hunger pains, endure physical pain from working out, its a process. If you maintain this process for a period of time, then the results shall be well worth it. Embrace the pain and except that pain is apart of life. Its necessary for progress and for change. So pain should not be a deterring factor in making a decision for progress or growth. In the ultimate goal to better ones self, PAIN is part of the process. You are not successful in business without putting in a lot of time and energy. Working long hours, sacrificing other obligations, stressful situations, financial struggles are all apart of a successful business. Embrace the pain!
You are not successful in a marriage, without going through trials and tribulations. A man and a woman have difference of opinions, different needs and wants. At times, without proper communication, the two will conflict. Yet if ones ultimate goal is a successful marriage, then one must embrace themselves for turmoil that COMES with a successful marriage.
If you want a nice jump shot, you have to put in the work and practice, practice, practice in the rain, in the cold, labor till you get it right and then labor to MAINTAIN the skill..

Embrace the pain and MAN ....... UP!! If you're a king, then where's your kingdom? Where's your responsibilities? A man has to make progress, take on challenges, and is competitive by nature. If you are less than that as a man, you may not be satisfied, complete or feel as though you're missing something. Which hinders your goal, cause you do not know yourSELF. So you run from pain, cause it hurts. If you do not have a REASON to be in pain, then why suffer? As a man, you should honor battle wounds from wars, because by nature, you're a conqueror! One who accomplish things by his will and moves on to the next conquest. If you are a man and you don't feel challenge in life, if you are not looking for pain to embrace to achieve fulfillment and progress, then you are not living to the best of your ability. Embrace the pain, - win, lose or draw, as a man your will( when based on righteousness) shall be done regardless to whom or what! And pain is just the part of the process to BORN out your will, and/or your thoughts. Embrace it! For it is necessary to BE alive. Every obstacle you ever overcame, made you wiser, and stronger for the next task in life. So embrace the pain as to move on to bigger and better goals. To move on in life with knowledge to pass on to your offspring's, so they may continue where you leave off. Your word is your bond, so as a man, overcome all obstacles to show and prove your word! Trials and tribulations come and go, yet your word defines you. How you perceive yourself and how others see you dictate the type of energy that will come your way. If you are known as one who never comes through with what you said you was going to do, then everyone who knows this, are doubting your word, doubting your intentions, doubting your very being. Thus creating negative energy around/about  you when just your name is brought up. So avoiding pain, looking for the easy way out, or not being a MAN or WOMAN about your responsibilities- causes UNNECESSARY chaos and confusion. Pain is part of life.
Woman who gave birth, know that it was a process to have a child, know the pain required to give birth. And willingly EMBRACE this pain when they attempt to produce life again. So continue to embrace pain if you are to continue giving life. At the end of the day, we all have been through trials, hard times and ALOT of pain. Some lives are better or worse than others. Regardless, pain was always there! Pain is a part of life, so you can appreciate and enjoy fully the good times when there is no pain. Malcolm - X said that there is no change without suffering! So EMBRACE PAIN as your friend- pain produces change, pain produces life. So when you are in pain- you can be producing, learning, growing, changing, LIVING!..... IF you are CONSCIOUS..... WAKE UP.                                                                                                     ~~PEACE

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