Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Meaning of Life pt I

Being faced with the challenges of life is one of the main reasons alot of people get 'religion.' It serves a great emotional need. Yet don't think for a minute that the Gods and Earths don't contemplate these same concepts.

This is a meditation on the meaning of life from my alike Supreme Understanding Allah

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The Meaning of Life
Ever pondered the meaning of life? Well I have. I think it began at about age 9 or so. Growing up in a dysfunctional family as an only child gives you a lot of opportunity to think. Ive been pondering things like the meaning of life, or the reason we exist, year after year. I'd like to think other people do as well. We know religion kind of gives us an easy out, a scripted way of looking at life and reality that doesnt require us to think critically or even think for ourselves. I had the advantage of being raised without a religion being forced upon me. I feel sorry for those of us who have been given religion since the earliest age, which makes it very difficult to question things we have been told since birth. I mean, really, it amazes me, but it makes perfect sense to most people that a God can send a special human to Earth whose planned death somehow "saves" everyone, yet in a way that is not quite tangible. Or perhaps you believe that your God loves everyone but inflicts suffering on the people he loves because they do not follow his word, which he gave to a small group of people in the Middle East and hoped for the best in its spread. Some people even take literally the stories about seas splitting, crystal cities, streets of gold, 72 virgins, elephants with 8 arms, 7 headed dragons, and um guys with wings and harps? Well, at any rate, Ive had the free mind AND the free time to contemplate tons of issues...ever since the first time my daddy kicked me out the house to sit in the cold (about 10) to when Id cut high school to go drink alone in the park or on some sitting out on the beaches of West Africa, overlooking the path of the slave trade, in recent years.

The meaning of life? To have a life with meaning.
We live to grow. Thats nature.
Life is about interaction.

We were once a primordial void from which emerged a very singular consciousness. That consciousness, like a single beam of light is now split, refracted, reflected, and scattered in its rainbow of life on this planet, and here we are, contemplating our way home. Life is not just about finding the way home. Otherwise, there would be no point to home being here (Earth).
Life is about the experiences and changes we undergo as we bounce off each other, merge, and redirect others' paths as individual rays in the spectrum of light.

We are not puppets in a puppet show. We are players in a game we designed.
What is a life without adversity? Meaningless.

The meaning of life is the beautiful struggle.

Struggle is beautiful. It is life.
My struggle is beautiful to me. So I am never depressed or miserable.
Regarding the perceptions of others, I once referred to my bouts with adversity as my invisible struggle.
Homelessness, babies never born, failed relationships, near deaths, near murders, deadlines, all-nighters, vices, debts...people had no idea.
Funny, some of my exes said I complained to much.
I understand now that women love strength in a man, not vulnerability.
I began to think, though, that if I couldnt share my adversities with my woman, I shouldnt share them with anyone. Thus my struggle became even more invisible. As it became invisible, the negativity of it disappeared from my conversation as well as my mind. I didnt bottle anything up, I just changed my perspective on things. At some point, my struggle became beautiful.
I just lost a house to foreclosure. Didnt know until today. Same day, I just sold the Cutlass for a couple stacks. It seems you win and you lose. The wise man knows he always wins. Because he is wise.
The meaning of life. Live.
What do you think?

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