Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Show and Prove 2007

What happened when the dissatisfied left Mecca? The satisfied partied.

I appreciated the whole tone from seeing that 'drunk uncle' joke with me about what every strand on the tassel of the crown means, from the general non-hippie love in the air, to still checking people on math and degrees.

As I mentioned in another post it was about a year and ½ since I got to see a lot of Gods and Earths. One of the great functions of the Show and Prove is that it performs the function of a family reunion. Who wouldn't want to come to a place where you can bring your Earth, babies, and enjoy yourself around people who speak the same language?

You know when you start list you gonna leave someone out so keep that in mind. A lot of things stood out though. Rolling with my man Precise, Allah Sincere for checking that each baby knew their Matheamtics, building with Justice from D'Mecca on the difference between Holy and Righteous, seeing and versing with the 'elder guard' that came before me (Father Bushawn, Allah B, Born Justice, etc), versing with True Wise on everything under the sun (and if y'all don't have the mix cd by his 16 year old mental fruit then you are missing out), every Build with Original Author with the seeds of planning all throughout, the photojournalist Divine, the author Allah Jihad, my alike Self Kingdom, the Gods from Cream City, Power Born, C-Medina, talking with Infinite Al-Jammar about traveling the planet, seeing Allah Intelligence and the whole NGE Bookstore handing out free water and juice to the babies and Earths, seeing Black Asiatic roll through with the whole fam, Divine Universal with the young seed and his mental fruit, He Ruler and son, Wadu, King Khalik, Nyallah, Ceeaquil, Tislam, and others

First off rolling with my Earth Faatma during the weekend was most peace, in orbit not to far not to close yet always in tune. From what was reported of me of the conference it was a success. Black women in our Nation making things happen. The Cipher on top of Mount Morris where several Gods versed on the importance of the Earth and stop calling naming those other planets 'Earth'. Queen Cipher consoling that cracked out 85%er woman walking by, taking her to the side, getting her some food and just versing with her. My sister Maternal (phone map..hahaha). Heavenly's garden and her whole dang clan. Meeting my sisters I-Medina and Mecca Islam, etc

I was loving how so much of this particular Show and Prove was about the babies. They had a blow up planetarium that the babies crawled into and could see the stars projected on the ceiling (all praises due to True Master). The science projects from Scihonor's 'urine' joint, to the pressure rockets in the park by Divine Ruler. The children's Olympics man I-Victory was beaming at the prize he won. I-Victory rolling with Maternal's babies, babies singing the Enlightener vs some old laffy taffy porkshit, the babies performing from martial arts to ill songs, the giant beach balls in the auditorium, etc.

At the end of the day I-Victory was saying he wants to go the the Show and Prove again....NEXT WEEK! Let that in and of itself be a lesson to all of those who say we are 'depriving' our seeds by not celebrating world holidays like Christmas. We got a lot to give 'em.

Also thanks to all of the Gods and Earths who listened to him do his Supreme Mathematics. On the real i appreciate it. Also peace to all of the FAMILIES I saw, Gods with sons or daughters, Earths with sons or daughters, Gods with Earths. It was beautiful.


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