Monday, June 11, 2007

From the Mouth of Babes: Add a Cipher

Knowledge add a Cipher. I continued with this day because it gives you an idea on how the young Lord utilized Cipher which for him is a person, place or thing. That is 'easy' to a degree because that corresponds to noun in grammar. Also, we watched a lot of School House Rock (Retro 70's throwback cartoon that I with it).

This was the day of the Show and Prove so it was great to see him interact with his family from the youngest to the oldest. We didn't get to make last year and in actuality didn't get to make that many Universal Parliaments last year so it had been close to a year and a ½ since he or his family abroad had seen each other. There were gems through out the day.

*At various points throughout the day i asked him what he was paying attention to, who was he paying attention to, 'where' was he paying attention to. He surprised me many time. He knows that Mecca is a different environment that where he lives yet he was like...'this is the busy city yet I ain't afraid. I just have to be more on my toes when I'm here.'

*He knows his brothers and sisters. He was SO happy about this. It was where everyone was speaking the same language. He wouldn't shut up on the ride back home.


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