Friday, May 18, 2007

I come in Peace

A little while ago I mentioned about the ethnic of peace within the Nation (Black Unites: Black and Yellow Unity in LA) . This was reinforced by a recent post from my righteous brother Sha-King (The Art of Peace Conference).

If you passively just watch television and read the headlines you may think that the whole world is at war and constantly working toward war. The focus on the negative instead of the positive actually gives growth to the negative. This works on the international and national level. They will focus on 'gang violence' yet not focus on the violence of the state against man or former gang members who are working toward peace (remember Tookie y'all).

It is important that we highlight these moments of peace so that we can add on to them at home and abroad, so that we learn more ways to apply peaceful resolutions. Also we just need to report more positive news in general. Here are some articles emphasizing unity abroad. Also showing how the original community is linking up at home and abroad.

The rest of Africa standing by Zimbabwe

China getting down with African-Americans

China and Japan growing giants

Iran and Venezuela

Iran and Korea

Mexican and Black Solidarity

Remember, despite those labels, they all are original people. They all are Black people.


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