Thursday, May 17, 2007

Building Bridges


We cooperate yet we don't compromise. There are several organizations, ways of life, political groups, etc who have several values that are in tune with what we teach and will achieve. For example if we can get together with muslims, black Hebrews, vegatarians, some democrates, etc to feed some youth in the neighborhood some pork free meals than we should be all on it as long as it isn't coupled with a hidden agenda to subvert what we teach.

Building bridges is important because it allows us access to the resources that we as original people need to. The greatest resource is in our abilities and skills as original people. As the original man I take responsibility for owning up to my own abilities and offer it to those who can build stable briges to keep us together.

In this day and time it is important to Build those bridges between original ethnic communities, across canyons of economic classism, and between the older and the youth.

Read this article below about how the Inca built bridges. It is important because it shows that bridges to be effective must be flexible yet strong nonetheless. It also reminds us that original people taught others how to build these bridges. We need to keep refocusing on the fact that cooperation is natural. Competition to the extreme is a negative value that has no place in our Culture. Competition is none.

How the Incas leapt canyons

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