Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Moon

The young Black (meaning black, brown and yellow shades i.e. non-white) girl is the moon in that she reflects light. She isn’t the Earth in that the Earth not only reflects light. The Earth absorbs and transforms light into life. One day that moon is transformed into another planet. Those whom have a positive and productive interaction with the Black MAN (not just Black male) will be terra-formed into the planet Earth. Those whom don’t have said interactions often develop the qualities of other planets in the solar system.

A key factor in the unification of the Black family is the Black man and his relationship to the Black woman (not just female). His absence often times leads to the such maladies as feminism (vs womanism), homo-thugism, and other systems of thought that destroys the natural Equality between man and woman.

I was listening to the radio today and a single mother was on. She was speaking on how she complicated the life of her daughter by keeping her father out of her life. The Blackman is not just needed for the male seed. He is needed for the black girl also.

One of the ways in which young Black girls are tampered with is via the wrong foods. That is mental wrong foods and physical wrong foods. The wrong foods interfere with growth and development. Some may APPEAR to mature yet in reality they are just getting OBESE.

In the oral traditions of the original man the sun and moon always have a familial relationship (father-daughter, brother-sister, companions, etc). Figure out your relationship to the black girl and work to activate her potential if you are the person of said ability. Sometimes you ain’t necessarily her ‘companion’ yet you would make a good brother. Sometimes she isn’t in need of a brother. She is in need of a father. Do the Knowledge. Make the appropriate decision. What our young moons are dealing with is extreme in during these days and times. Look at these examples of wrong foods.

The Early Sexual Maturation of Black Girls

Black Kid’s Self Image

Experts condemn the sexualisation of girls in the media


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