Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Old Was the Founder

On this day, ALLAH would have been 79 years old. I could speak volumes about the influence that this man has had in my personal development and in the greater development of the youth in the United States and abroad. All in all I am just reflecting on a statement that my sister the Earth Mecca Islam dropped “Be the Father” and how ALLAH instructed his 5 percenters that if that wanted to see him to just come together. Both statements support each other. The first statement speaks of personal responsibility and the second speaks of group responsibility. Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Wisdom all being Born to Culture. I reflect on my own righteous activities and the righteous activities of those around me and see that we have that piece of steel with magnetic in it that the people need in order to transform their way of life. Now that you know that you have this ability what are you going to do with it?

From these written sources review the life of ALLAH and see what one piece of steel with magnetic in it has the ability to do. As stated by myself and my alikes these written reflections ARE NOT the totality of the life of ALLAH. If you want some more of that go seek out his sons and the one’s who were there.

The Bomb: The Greatest Story Never Told
A ‘primer’ about the history of the Nation of Gods and Earths during the time that ALLAH was physically amongst us.

Poor Righteous Teaching: The Story of the FBI and the Five Percenters
A review on how the government reacted to the black youth realizing who they were


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