Monday, January 29, 2007

The Far East

In this modern day society where the differences between original people has been emphasized in order to make us think that we are different we forget our roots in originality. It is a great tactic that keeps the majority divided against one another so that they cannot find and agree upon one common cause. Also, in the current environment of ‘short attention span’ we forget the past ages where we worked together as one.

One group that we had a common cause with at one point on a great level was the Far East Asians, specifically with the Japanese. Many of us in urban environments only interact with those from Nippon if we go to a Hitachi restaurant. In the works of the prophet and messenger you will find their high regard for Nippon. ALLAH also stated that we shouldn’t be surprised if those of such lineage would be declaring that they were Allah one day (and for the record there are Gods and Earths of Far East Asian descent).

The last time that this bond was intensely strong with Nippon was during WWII. Check out these articles here:

When Japan Was 'Champion of the Darker Races': Satokata Takahashi and the Flowering of Black Messianic Nationalism," Black Scholar 24 (Winter 1994): 23-46.

Waiting for Tojo: The Pro-Japan Vigil of Black Missourians, 1932-1943," Gateway Heritage 16 (Fall 1995): 38-55.


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