Friday, May 05, 2006

The 7th Born Degree

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On the 2nd of this month my son reached the physical degree of God (seven years old). He was very much in tune with the significance of the God degree in this Culture. We ‘tricked’ him into thinking that we weren’t able to get hi anything for his Born Day to see how he would respond. He responded wisely. He said that it didn’t matter and was quite ecstatic just about the card itself. When got his presents he went over the top though.

During the day I continued to see where his Understanding was in regards to WHAT God is 9VS. WHO God is). As usual, he surprised me and set up the conditions for my own Understanding to grow. He dropped that as a boy he will grow into God (Who is the original BOY vs. who is the original MAN). He let me know that the Gods say peace, ask you how you are doing and that we play Uno with him (a great way by the way to teach you child how speak other languages while having fun).

All in all I saw how SIMPLE the concept of God was to him vs. how CONFUSING the mystery god concept was to me when I was his age (everybody coming from Adam and Eve, all of the world’s animals fitting in Noah’s ark, the ‘trinity’, etc.). God IS. When I saw all of the above I resolved to keep it simple not only for him..we have to keep it simple for the masses also.

*If you know that the rabbit is Luck Seven from the School House Rock Saturday Morning Cartoons from back in the day you get props.


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