Sunday, April 30, 2006

Peace and Victory

Peace and Victory
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The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into his hand.
St. John 3:35
I need to have a subsection in my blogs entitled “trials of the son of God becoming God”. It is interesting to see and evaluate my son’s growth and development on the daily. It is also a blessing to see how he internalizes this value system. It is a constant evaluation of myself also to see where I can improve in terms of my teaching methods and, of course, by being a living example.

*”Stop, look and listen before you cross the street. First you use you eyes and ears and then you use your feet”. That’s one of the first references to doing the Knowledge that I taught my son. Now when we walk to a store down the way he is saying how important it is to pay attention in front of drive ways, streets, ‘strange people’, etc.

*Why does pork have to have so many names? Hell-L-L-L-NO. We’ve been going through all of the different forms and names that pork has so that he can detect it in the ingredients of the foods he’s eating. This past week we broke down gelatin. By the time that I had gotten through explaining what it was we both were disgusted.

*Seeing that he is growing physically each and everyday his clothes soon become just too small. This time around a lot of his shirts that have the universal flags on them or pictures of Allah and Justice had to go. He gave me SO much flack about getting rid of them. He was like “I want to keep them so that everyone knows that I’m God!” At this point we had a discussion on how the clothes don’t make the man nor does the flag make the God. The source of all of that goodness on the flag is none other then his ownself. After that discussion (and a promise to let him get some more apparel at the Show and Prove) he was able to see the Wisdom in the words.

*His favorite phrase if you don’t share is “That’s not Equality.”

*The symbolism of the Gods and Earths is a great tool to teach sexual reproduction (seed, earth, etc.). He understands the mechanics that the seed comes from man and is planted in the woman and that it has a time of growth in the womb before he/she is revealed. Nonetheless it is hilarious at times to see him frustrated that he doesn’t have a sibling and have him blurt out “God you have to put the baby in Mommy now!” I’m like……slow down star.



Divine Ruler Equality Allah said...

Peace and tell I.V. I said
Happy Degree Day. Peace.

The Bishop of Hip Hop said...

So tight to hear a brother reflect on the beauty and power of fatherhood.

Stay strong original man.


Divine Culture Allah said...

PEACE TO THE YOUNG GOD! Understanding is certainly the best part.