Monday, April 17, 2006


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What is the difference between money and wealth? Money is promisary note. It is a PLACE MARKER for goods and services. Wealth is the goods,services and resources. Many times we are so focused on making money that we don't recognize wealth..especially our own wealth.

I'm at a point in my own growth and development where I am working to actualize my wealth. Part of that plan is having my own business. Transition is work. It will take years, months and days before the business is to the degree that it can be the foundation for my economic existence yet everything starts with a thought.

One of the building blocks in the whole plan is the restructuring of my present economic existence. That means dealing with debt.

I don't have 'extreme secret knowledge' on this subject. Most of what I have been doing is applying
Supreme Mathematics to the problem at hand while making it simple as possible. Some of the elements that I have drawn up are:

*identifying where one is at economically

*being aware of one's credit rating

*seeing what consolidation can be done

*finding various 'sources' of money

*identifying one's spending trends and habits

*spending less

*selling what one doesn't need

Most of it is just common sense and taking the bull by the horns. Dealing with one's debt assists one in actualizing being the maker and owner.

There are 101 books out there on dealing with debt (just like there are 101 diet books). The three that I am gleaming the most out of right now are:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The Richest Man in Babylon

Pay It Down


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