Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Before my Old Earth returned to the essence she spent time in and out of the hospital. At one point we were discussing a possible bone marrow transplant with her doctor whom was a female Japanese doctor. As we were going over various pieces of information she dropped a piece that stood out in my brain. She said that my mother could recieve a bone marrow transplant from any non-caucasian person (if other genetic factors (blood type, etc.) were in order) i.e. from an original person. She then went on to explain to me that basically non-caucasian people were universal donors for these types of operations while caucasians weren't. This information basically pointed out two things to me:

*Racial differences on the genetic/bio-physical level were being acknowledged by the medical establishment
*The medical establishment was making a classification with only TWO categories i.e. caucasian and non-caucasian (Asiatic/Original).

This blew my mind. Some try to down play the scientific information saying such things as "we all bleed red" (so do pigs) or that we all belong to the human race. Such sayings do not change the empirical data. Yes, some use this infomation for devilishment yet it doesn't change the fact that information, in and of itself, is NEUTRAL.

While the Nation of Gods and Earths may not be anti-white we do have a responsibility to provide the greatest environment for all peoples to gain the Knowledge of their selves. This means you need to get the PHYSICAL knowledge of yourself also.
Biological Variation in Health and Illness: Race, Age, and Sex Differences by Theresa Overfield states ,"In the US, with a few exceptions, the establishment of clinical norms, risk and diagnostic data, treatment strategies, and prognosis have been based mostly on results of studies conducted among young to middle-aged white males of European extraction."
Thus you still have "milk" being pushed to original people as a source of calcium even though the majority of them genetically are lactose intolerant.
From my own observations there is a greater difference genotypically between original/aboriginal peoples and caucasian people then there is between any 'subset' of original people. This is important because genotypically you can start to look at predisposition of disease, what is proper diet, and people's origin in this world (i.e...out of 'Africa').
Do the Knowledge to some of these books:
Human Variation: Races, Types, and Ethnic Groups by Stephen Molnar
Biological Consequences of the European Expansion, 1450-1800 by Kenneth Kiple
Another Dimension to the Black Diaspora: Diet, Disease and Racism by Kenneth Kiple
Caribbean Slave: A Biological History by Kenneth Kiple
African Excahnge: Toward a Biological History of Black People by Kenneth Kiple
Skeletal Attribution of Race: Methods for Forensic Anthropology by George Gill

*By just CLASSIFYING anyone according to race makes one a racist according to the root of the word. Being prejudiced is different.


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