Monday, April 03, 2006

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

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On the other day my family took a day trip to the cemetery. It was nothing planned. It was the cemetery where the body of my Old Earth is buried. When we got there my son was remarking on how ‘pretty’ the landscape was. We started talking about physical death and I was amazed by him stating that ‘people need to take care of their selves, go to the doctor, stay healthy in order to live a long time.’ As I’ve mentioned before we have had talks with the young Prince regarding physical death and it was interesting seeing how his Understanding has grown.

While speaking with him my brain went to the topic of cremation. Cremation is to reduce a dead body to ashes by burning. It is one the many ways to dispose of a dead body (some of the others being by “earth” , “sea” , or by “air” ). Those whom are historians and/or students of 120ยบ will be interested to know that cremation as a means to dispose of the dead body entered into the Aegean aprox. 6,000 years ago.

My Old Earth had her affairs in order. When she returned to the essence we were allowed to grieve because we didn’t have to worry about anything in terms of the financial responsibility of the funeral. I couldn’t imagine having to have to worry about that at the last minute. About 6 months later a friend of mine’s mother returned to the essence and it was chaos because there was no money set aside.

In the Black community overall there is an emotional attachment to burial. This is rooted in the Christian belief that there will be a ‘physical resurrection’. This same belief is held in the religion of orthodox Al-Islam. Thus there is a prohibition against cremation. This religious belief is held onto despite the fact that it is extremely cheaper to have a cremation vs. a burial.

ALLAH’s body was cremated when he returned to the essence. After that was done the option of cremation became well known amongst the Gods and Earths. This was the first time that cremation became popularly known amongst a segment of the Black community.

I know that it may seem ‘morbid’ to think about ‘physical death’ yet it is about being prepared. If you were to return to the essence today would the burden be on your friends and family to take care of the funeral? Would you end up in Potter’s Field? Plan, plan, plan and then…plan again.


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