Monday, June 20, 2005

The star questions....Old Earth returned to essence?

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At the date of this writing my Earth is visiting Love Divine (London). This past weekend myself and the young star stayed at my Old Dad’s rest. As we got ready to go to school he was making the connection that his Grand Pop was my Father. He then asked me did I have a mother and where was she. I realized that as he was coming into realization of ‘who begat who’ he saw the fact that my Old Earth wasn’t in the picture as she has returned to the essence. I was stuck for words. I tried to give him a ‘brief’ on ‘where she was’ yet it is something that requires further discussion.

When my Old Earth returned to the essence I wrote the first book in my StarLight series. It is a series design to assist Gods and Earths in explaining various topics to their children according to the mindset of Allah World Manifest. All proceeds from the books are going toward the trust fund for the babies of the Gods and Earths of C-Truth. The trust fund is called the C.R.E.A.M. (Children Raised Everyday through Allah’s Mathematics).

The first book/pamphlet is entitled ‘Eternal Life: A manual to assist Gods and Earths in explaining physical death to children in the context of our Culture.’

If anyone is interested in securing a copy you can hit me at It’s a pound ($5.00).

C’BS ALife Allah

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Brother OMi said...

i feel you on this... its tough to explain without getting all mystery like