Monday, February 13, 2006

Dropping Science

According to all whom I have spoken to who knew ALLAH he had a unique cadence that was in part due to the fact that his family was from down south. Combine this with the unique way that ALLAH interpreted the degrees and you had a specific vernacular that he passed down to his sons. This vernacular was attractive to the youth AND it was attractive to those people whose lives depended on the ‘streets.’ This is part of the heritage that we inherited from ALLAH. Thus, we are able to communicate with the common man with a common touch.

With Supreme Mathematics we received a universal language. With Supreme Alphabet we received a glossary. With 120 degrees we received a map that we were able to use to navigate through life.

The collective vernacular is often times referred to generically as Building or Dropping Science. Some ‘scholars’ have referred to it as Sciencing. Man, I just talk so that people can Understand. I referred to some of our own ‘vernacular’ in m post dealing with the words tricknology and devilishment.

One of the aspects of ‘sciencing’ is reverse acronyms (Backronym). You can find this amongst the Nation when we breakdown various words utilizing our Supreme Alphabet such as I Self Lord And Master (I.S.L.A.M.) or God Cipher Divine (G.O.D.).

Another aspect of this vernacular is breaking down words into the component syllables and seeing what words resonate with those syllables. Some groups refer to this as Lexigraming. You hear this when the Gods and Earths breakdown words such as Knowledge as “know the ledge” or Wisdom as “Wise the Dumb.”

All of the above are verbal techniques that appeal to the conditions of our people in the wilderness of North America. It propels people to think in new ways and new manners. “Outside of the box.”

So when the Gods and Earths are speaking take heed; you may hear something to spark your mental.



Dawud said...

if one understands your point then you have communicated too many people concern themselves with badges, titles and, degrees when all that matters is the human connection to as Bob said "make it just a little bit easier'

The Bishop of Hip Hop said...

Yo man, I been meanin' to tell you I got my test book in....

Ya blog is listed real nice up front...

As soon as the books come in, I'm hittin' you with 2...

Ma Salaam,