Friday, November 25, 2005


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Someone asked me what Knowledge of Self (KOS) meant the other day. It got me to thinking on what I thought it was before I gained it back in the day and how people perceive it. I use to perceive it, and many still perceive it today, as knowing a little bit of black history and knowing a few conspiracy theories. As I gained the Knowledge of myself and grew in this Knowledge specifically I learned how ‘limited’ my former perspective.

Basic Knowledge of Self means that no knows more about you then you know about your Self. Be aware of your foundation and how to fully have it detectable to the naked eye.

This goes to your health. Do you know your blood pressure? Do you know your blood type? Do you know if you have any traits in you that are dormant and that you are a carrier of (diabetes, breast cancer, etc.)? Do you even know your height or weight?

How about wealth? Do you know your credit rating? Do you know what you owe in debt?

Look at your network in terms of the whole ‘six degrees’ of separation. The people you know are in touch with other people who in turn are in touch with other people. Many times all you have to do is put your requests out into the atmosphere and you’d be surprise what will come back. Looking for a new job, car, home, etc.. You will be surprise of the connections that you already have.

It is important to realize your resources. It is important to utilize your resources.

Knowledge of Self in order to Understand Self.


*Also peace to the God Sincere Existence Allah who rests now in Roanoke, VA. Sincere is one of the 1st resurrected of New Heaven who established civilization here in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He just blessed himself with a daughter, Jannae. Let the babies be great.


El Guerrero said...

Peace To The Gods and Earths

Como Le Van Las Cosas.

I posted about two or three new articles on my blog. Take a look and critique for me. If I've made any misrepresentations of our teaching 120, let me know so I can correct it.

Hope all is Well!


Brother OMi said...

very important. very , very important.