Thursday, December 01, 2005


History, whether the greater history of society or one’s own history, needs to be examined with a critical eye. We do the Knowledge to history because when examined one can discover trends and patterns. Those trends that are beneficial we need to renew. Those patterns that are detrimental we need to eliminate. A person whom is ignorant of society’s history or their own history is blind to cycles as they repeat. They also loose all ability to transform said patterns.

85% of the population only pays attention to those portions of history that the larger society claims is important. Thus you will have people continue to talk about the tragedy of 9-11 yet when you bring up the racism in society which the civil rights movement was organized to fight they will say that was ‘so long ago’ yet in the same breath they will talk about the ‘Day of Infamy’, Pearl Harbor. This is clearly seen in terms of the attention given to 9-11 vs Hurricane Katrina

Chattel slavery is one of those things that ‘no one’ likes to talk about. Mainly it is because many don’t know how to renew history. They limit their self to looking at slavery through the eyes of the 10%. The aspects of slave resistance, independent maroon colonies, those original people who explored the Americas after the Indians and before the European, etc..isn’t mentioned.

One aspect of history that is not often mentioned is the period between the Emancipation Proclamation and WWI. The Blackman in America was adding on tremendously. The majority of Black Colleges were founded at this time, Black townships were popping up all over America, etc.. Oftentimes the charge is brought against the so called African-American that immigrant groups are able to come into America all of the time and do great yet we’ve been here for years, months and days and haven’t done so collectively. The reality is that, even WITH the effects of slavery, we WERE becoming a force to be reckoned with. What happened though, which happened to no other ethic group during this time, was that there was a conscious thought to exterminate us in effect. Please examine the history of RoseWood and BlackWall Street at this site.

This is important to realize because it is in the post WWI environment that the Prophet Fard was able to present a summation of the Truth that the Blackman is God to the Original Man in the Wilderness of America where the Messenger, Elijah Muhammad preserved that information until Allah the Father came and brought his Understanding to the youth of Mecca. It is important not just as to WHAT information was presented. It is important as to WHEN the information was presented. We need to recognize that the ‘WHEN’ nowadays is different and adjust ourselves accordingly.

In closing I would like to acknowledge the return of one of Allah’s First nine Born, Al-Jamil, to the essence. He will truly be missed yet not forgotten.


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