Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Speak on it God!

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Please keep doing the KNowledge to the links that I posted regarding Katrina's effects. A lot of the so called 'unconscious rappers'(to use a media term) are seeing things for what they are and not what they appear to be. It is great to see their observations take place. Those whom study these degrees know that devil had to be made for some to show forth and prove their power as God. Maybe this will be a wake up call for many. Here in New Heaven we are setting up to recieve 400 people from the hurricane tomorrow. The Old Dad and myself are heading down to the armory tomorrow to see what can be done to help out.

Do the Knowledge to the post on this blog Soul Imperialist in regards to race and the hurricane.

Do the Knowledge to this post by Wise Intelligent of the Poor Righteous Teachers regarding the statements made by Kanye West on NBC.

One Love and Infinite Respect

Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers and the ENTIRE Intelligent Muzik staff applaud and fully support the recent statements made by our Brother Kanye West about the insulting and unacceptable late and flat-footed response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our Brother, Kanye West only articulated what we ALL know to be true, that “…George Bush doesn’t care about Black People”.

For the media to depict displaced and devastated black families as “looters”, while displaced and devastated white families as “finders” is disgusting and racist to say the least. ( For Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco to instruct or suggest that the National Guard have a “shoot to kill” policy for the so-called “looters” is unconscionable and has contributed to the overall panic and fear of an already nightmarish situation. They have already started to censor our Brother by not showing his truthful comments to the West Coast of America. We can’t let that happen! DON’T LET THE MEDIA ISOLATE OUR BROTHER! It seems that as long as we stick to the “script” and continue to talk and rap about killing, pimpin’, thuggin’, hustling, robbing, and overall destroying each other, our comments, rhymes and videos can be beamed around the world without delay. And you might even get a platinum plaque to boot! But the moment we stand up and tell an obvious truth, we are censored and shut down from the gate. #### THAT SHIT! Kanye West’s statements did NOT overshadow the relief effort it drove home the painful reality that if we don’t do something for ourselves, we are going to be ####ed up here in America. So please organize as many benefits and concerts as you can to help our family recover from this unspeakable tragedy. NBC has said, “…It would be most unfortunate if the efforts of the artists who participated tonight and the generosity of millions of Americans who are helping those in need are overshadowed by one person's opinion." It’s time for us to let the media know that Kanye West did NOT just speak for himself, but spoke for an overwhelming majority of us who are tired of this Government ####ing us over time and time again. Hiphop’s main stance from day one is to “KEEP IT REAL” and that’s all our Brother did…so Hiphop are you ready to “RIDE OR DIE” for some real shit? HIPHOP STAND THE HELL UP!!!

Intelligent Muzik…
Peace to man, woman and child as they struggle through these hard times.

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Brother OMi said...

thanks for that shout. i interviewed him recently and its good to see that brother doing his thing