Monday, September 05, 2005

Keep in the Know (the ledge)

katrina effects
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There is a lot of information out there about Katrina and the effects that is going down. To check out the latest on the news front hit these sites:

Black Electorate
Davey D

Also check out these blogs that are dropping some science:

Holla At a Scholar
Pyramids 2 Projects
Brother Omi

In addition to the above I will work to keep getting heads updates from True Wise Allah whom is in Black Rule (Baton Rouge).

This weekend my Old Dad and myself helped with the relief efforts in New Heaven. Primarily at this point in New Heaven it is a huge clothing drive. Later this week we’ll drop by the armory and donate some time to assist sorting all of that clothing out.

One of the more notable charities that I noticed was being done by Sears. They are willing to match each dollar up to 500,000 donated by individuals to the relief effort. Those whom are interested look into it.



The Bishop of Hip Hop said...

Thanks for the joint in the mail akhi...I plan to get you a book out this week...Stay strong...

Brother OMi said...

thanks for the connect.. this is how it should be done