Thursday, June 09, 2005

To the II

This is the second part to
my post from May 25th.The remedy is to step up to the plate and make alliances with other ethnic groups and nationalities of original people. I find that this is something that has been on going in my life. It started in my youth. In my neighborhood you didn’t see anything except ‘african-americans’. As I grew older my Middle School and High School had a fair balance of various human families. My parents encouraged me to Build bridges with all of the various groups. I continued my bridge building into college. This advice combined with my maturing within the Nation of Gods and Earths allowed me to develop a proper way in which to present the Culture to various groups and Build alliances.

I am ‘forced’ to deal with this issue more so than others because my own Earth is Boriken (so-called Puerto Rican) and thus I ‘have’ to interact with another ethnic group, figure out our place as Original Peoples, and develop a productive sense of identity for our son.

Being Universal doesn’t mean that you ‘abandon’ your ethnic group or nationality. It means that you take the best part of that and find the best part in the aesthetic and ethics of Original People world wide.

Our land lady is Persian (Iranian). Her daughter is our babysitter. I have passed 120 down to ‘Puerto Ricans’, East Indians, etc..

My family frequents Turkish, Chinese, and Indian eateries. We mingle with the Senegalese and Ghanaians at flea markets.

When one is confident of oneself and their Culture then one knows how to interact with all the human families of the planet Earth.


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