Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Show and Prove

The name of the Show and Prove comes from a portion of 120, the 38th degree of the 1-40. In part it states:

Otherwise to show and prove that Allah is God. Always has been always will be.

This is one of the main values of the Nation of Gods and Earths. In the secular world they refer to it by many names or phrases:

“the proof is in the pudding”

“the scientific method”

“illustrate and validate”

We refer to it as showing and proving. This means that at any point in time we must be able to authenticate what we say by presenting evidence that is detectable to the naked eye or generate the conditions where someone can comprehend.

The Show and Prove is the extension of the determined idea to show and prove immortality through the continuity of our children.


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The Bishop of Hip Hop said...

I love this know that...Can you share some knowledge with me about the application and the history of the 52 Blocks? Thanks.


p.s. i'm coming to rhode island soon, how far is that from you? i dont understand the east coast geography as well as i should....