Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Straight from the Gods and Earths

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For those who want a direct line to our Nation there are two periodicals that have been in existence since the 80’s. The first is the Five Percenter aka the Power Paper edited by God Kalim. The second is Behold the Sun of Man which was originally founded by Universal Shamguaad Allah, the architect of the Universal Flag. Below is subscription information for them both.

Power Paper
$20 money order to The Five Percenter Newspaper
2122 7th Avenue NY, NY 10027

Sun of Man
c/o L.C. Woods Gykee
Audubon Station Box372
NY,Ny 10032
$35.00/year shipping included

Also the yearly shift in the Universal Parliament for the summer months has happened. For the months of June, July and August they will be the last Sunday of the month at the Head of Medina (Fort Greene Park Brooklyn).


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