Sunday, June 05, 2005

Family Reunions

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The Show and Prove is oftentimes a cause for celebration for it is the time that we get to connect with our Universal Family from across the globe. You may see local Gods and Earths at the Universal Parliament in Mecca and Medina throughout the year yet it is only at the Show and Prove that you see some whole families from Arizona, Canada, California, England, etc.

In fact, during Saturday the 11th there is a Family Reunion cookout in front of the school in Mecca. For more info check out this link for the
Show and Prove

Above is my alike Supreme BlackMind Allah with his daughter Jubilee. He got Knowledge of Self in New Heaven and was actually the God whom named New Haven New Heaven. He has now moved to Norfolk, Va yet we get to see him and his family at every Show and Prove.


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Brother OMi said...

how old is that picture? i know Supreme, matter of fact he cut his locks a little while back..

we used to play capoeira together. we still build every now and then