Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Earth

The Earth
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I Knowledge that I have left post regarding, in part, the graduation of my Earth from her surgical tech program.

I recalled when she first had the idea and saw as it developed into a determined idea as she grew her Understanding on HOW to make it happen.

I saw the doubt as to if this could be done. I saw her want to give up on some days. I saw her just be exhausted from the day. I also saw some with a goal and knew she would recieve no more gold except in working that idea for herself.

Her physical family came up from Now Just (New Jersey) to witness the graduation. OF COURSE I was proud as she walked across the stage and got that diploma.

I almost distilled when she publically thanked me for assisting her in her travels.

Drawn up to her fullest Equality means that one has to do some drawing. There has to be some work.

This is just the beginning of the elements that will help our family grow physically and mentally.

Constant Elevation Expands.


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Sha-King Allah said...

Peace to the Family,
I just wanted to say congratulations God and send my peace and blessings to the Earth on her success!!!!


Sha-King Cehum Allah