Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Value of Truth

My Old Dad always states that if one was left butt naked on an island all that they would have of worth was their word. He always stresses the importance of one’s name in connection with uttering the Truth.

Many cultures and the streets connect ‘keeping one’s word’ with the genitals (in the Bible they use the euphanism of 'thigh' for the genitals sometimes). Breaking one’s oath is synonymous with loosing one’s dick or balls. Thus one is loosing the ability to generate LIFE.

Word is Bond. Word is LIFE.

If you are telling people that you are God then one must keep their word, oath, promise. My family doesn’t want to hear that after I said that I would that I didn’t bring home food, provide clothing, or neglect shelter.

At this point I impress upon my son the value in telling the Truth. He must also see the penalties involved in denying the Truth.

Simple advice in my house….’Think it out before you open your mouth.’

There is a way that the Gods stand that emphasize the importance of telling the Truth. It is called ‘standing on Square’. This is the familiar ‘B-Boy’ stance with the right arm over the left. When we are manifesting the day’s mathematics in the household my son and I stand on Square. The physical symbolism of the ‘Truth’ emphasizes the mental commitment to Truth.

‘Teach the Truth to the young Black youth.’


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