Wednesday, May 11, 2005

God-Hop Part VI


My alike Sha-King mentioned in his blog space ( in his post on Sunday, April 17, 2005 his distain of the ‘biters.’ I cosign that post (though it doesn’t even need it). What is obvious from a casual observation of the landscape of Hip-Hop is that many MCs in the arena have different relationships to the Nation of Gods and Earths. Some are actual Gods and Earths, others are straight biters, some have been unconsciously influenced, while others aren’t Gods and Earths yet they acknowledge the influence. This is a quote from Saigon (if you haven’t heard his songs ‘The Color Purple’ or ‘Kiss the Baby’ find those cuts NOW) from issue #21 of Don Diva magazine ‘the original street bible.’

The album is coming sooner than you think. Me and Just banged out like 10 blazing joints in the past month! Still, it’s about making an album right and having it make sense. I’m trying to change the world with this shit. The title of the album is, “Greatest Story Never Told,” after Clarence (13) X the father who started the 5% Nation. I’m trying to pick up where he left off. This music shit is the most powerful weapon we got, ya know? We got to use it for more than just promoting some white man’s car or clothing company and shit. We gotta use it to build.

I also got a chance to peep the article on the Nation of Gods and Earths in the current issue of the Source (it is the first of a 2 part article). It is entitled “All Praises Due” written by Sun-God Scientific Allah and with photographs by Jamel Shabazz (who has put out an excellent book of photographs from the 80’s called “Back in the Day” and also an upcoming book entitled “A Time Before Crack). I will reserve my overall critique of the article until after it is finished. One thing that I will point out is that the list of the 1st nine Born (the first 9 youth whom Allah taught) is wrong. It is a common mistake that stems from an incorrect version of the Nation history being passed around. The list in the Source mixes up some of the 1st nine Born with the first Born of Medina (Brooklyn). I do have to give props to the Source for allowing us to write our own history in the periodical though (instead of getting a random reporter).

Finally check out his article written by Cedric Muhammad at

It speaks about the song by Styles P (I’m Black) and his observation on how ‘identity’ is being compromised in the current market.

On a final note my son, I-Victory completed another mile of his physical degrees and is now, as of Monday May 2nd, at the physical degree of Equality (6). The babies are the greatest!


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Freedom Allah said...

Peace to the God I-Victory! I also had a degree day this month, on the 3rd. Living wisdom power, How long did it take to grow God?