Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Way back when I was younger my Dad use to always say to me that it was good to know how to hustle yet it wasn't good to be a hustler. I didn't have an Understanding of what he was saying when he first dropped it on me.

I was physically birthed into this world in 1971 so I grew up in the late 70's through the 80's. During that time several of the 'archetypes' that are present in Hip Hop nowadays ('the pimp', 'the pusher', 'the drug dealer', 'prostitute', etc.) I saw. This includes the hustler. What I will say about all of the above is that the whole population of the ghetto wasn't filled with these people. Nowadays it appears that EVERYONE is/was a 'pimp', 'drug dealer', 'hustler'. I am here to let you Knowledge that was never the case and STILL isn't the case.

It is good to know how to hustle yet not good to be a hustler.

I came to a Universal Understanding of this when I ran track in High School. If I was behind during practice the coach would yell, "hustle, hustle". It was the sign for one to 'catch up' because they were behind.

It is good to have the ability to catch up yet if one is always behind and always has to catch up then they need to rethink their position.

One of my older brothers, Barkim Powerful Allah, let me Knowledge simply that we make things happen. In Understanding oneself one should realize what it is that they value and what meaning they are going to leave within life?

Allah the Father is said to have said that a man doesn't start to really Understanding anything until he reaches his 30's (paraphrase). I bear witness that I am learning more about what I WANT to do and HOW to bring it about. Having a son has brought me more Understanding. Working with the youth ALWAYS sets the condition for Understanding to develop.

I have just realized that working with the youth has always been my passion. I have already made certain moves to orient myself back in that direction.


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